Born in 1976 and always a specialist in mohair and yarns for knitting and needlework, Mister Joe has recently become part of the AZeta Filati family. Over the decades it has never stopped believing in its mission: thanks to the attention to the latest trends and the newest inputs, it has focused the production around ever-current collections and yarns with excellent performance, keeping an eye on the environment.

The two FW and SS collections are continuously updated throughout the year, as well as the specific folders of the best mohair and kid mohair on the market. And it is precisely here, around the production of this noble yarn, that Mister Joe continues its course uninterrupted, dedicating all the experience and know-how established over the years to it.



It is called noble fiber and sometimes diamond fiber. Brilliant and resistant, it offers an exceptional color reflection: so mohair has become a symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

But, although Mister Joe is known above all for mohair (coming from the best productions of South Africa), this is not the only quality in its production. The commitment to sustainability is great, through the use of materials such as recycled cotton and polyester that guarantee a lower use of energy, water and dyes thanks to the use of products that have already been processed.

Mohair, alpaca and eco-sustainable fibers make the collections unique and of great value.

In addition, the Ecovero™ viscose, produced using sustainable wood and cellulose from certified sources and the Tencel™ Lyocell, fiber originated from wood pulp obtained from sustainable and renewable sources through a production process that reuses over 99% of water and solvents used for spinning, propel the company fully into the Olympus of spinning 4.0.

Many must-have yarns: Paradise (stretch), Royal and Canterbury, Wimbledon and Tartan are the main historical yarns of the company and are re-proposed in each collection, improved and with always new color palettes. Very often they are chosen by the most important fashion brands for their collections, throughout the world market.



Mister Joe has always believed in promotion: in fact it is among the first companies in the sector to join Pitti Filati and many other international fairs. It is part of CTN Confindustria Toscana Nord, owner of the Feel The Yarn competition. The 2020 edition was won by Sara Zanetti of Polimoda with a collection made with Mister Joe yarns.

Twice a year, to stimulate the designers’ creativity, Mister Joe offers innovative knit stitch collections. Another idea that fully expresses the attention to the customers of a dynamic company that is always in step with the times.